Sunni Ewing promotes her first show March 25th


On March 25th, 2017, champion professional bodybuilder competitor Sunni Ewing will be putting down her weights and putting on her promoter’s hat for the 3rd Annual Southern Championship in Houston, Texas.


Ewing, who competed and placed in the first two shows feels that the this is a progressive move in her bodybuilding career. “This show is not meaning that i am retiring from competition. This because I am a competitor. As a competitor, you always are striving to push yourself to a new level. I want to step out of what is comfortable for me and more into that new challenge. This is natural for me because I have competed and trained others to compete. I know what people what to see.”


The event will feature a variety of competitions ranging from Athletic, Bodybuilding and Bikini. “That is one thing with bodybuilding, it’s a big assumption that all you see are the big muscles on guys and testosterone going wild. That is the furthermost thing from the truth.” Says Ewing. “Body building competitions actually cover sports modeling, fitness and many other things. People who attend for the first time are really surprised by how far off they are.”



The event is promoted by the International Physique League and co-promoted by Train with Sunni and Posed and Poised by Michelle. For more information visit


About Sunni Ewing

Sunni Ewing is Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness Expert and Trainer. She is the founder of Train with Sunni. a physical training company that specializes in providing fitness training for people with a busy work schedule.

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About the International Physique League

The International Physique League is a competitive fitness federation celebrating top “Natural”/drug-tested physiques from around the Globe!

The IPL offers 7 Pro Qualifying divisions of competition including Bodybuilding, Figure, Athletic, Sports Model, Fitness Angels, Bikini, & Evening Gown.