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Houston’s Gee Jones plans new music fall of 2017

Houston, Texas recording artist Gee Jones is planning to return to the airwaves fall of 2017.  The artist who released his first mixtape Fashionably Late titled as a reference to Jones entering the music scene later then most was released in 2014. The mixtape was well received by many in the MiGee Jonesdwest and Westcoast and established Jones as a welcomed newcomer.  2015’s To Be Continued Vol 1. was released a year later and further established Jones in the music scene.

“I am really looking forward to giving new music in a few months” says Jones. “I needed the time since my last project to really sit down and plan that next move correctly. Trust me this fall is going to be nice.”


Jones also plans on releasing a pleathra of new material in the past 12 months to make up for his absence in 2016. “I got a lot of messages and calls from people who were looking for new music last year. I plan on making up for that in the next six months.”


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